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Premium Steam Upholstery Cleaning

Every now and then your upholstery requires a thorough clean, but vacuuming alone does not do the job to 100%. Your sofa or reclining chair intakes dust, bacteria, body fat, dust mites and those nasty spills over the years. Left untreated they damage the material fibers resulting in permanent damage, which is why it is important to have a professional to do the job. Through out several years of providing upholstery cleaning Perth service, there has been a lot of moments where many clients have just threw out their old sofa or chair and then bought a new one worth couple $100s. Wasting their money when they could have save hundreds just by hiring a professional to do the job.

It’s true that regular weekly maintenance will keep your upholstery lifespan a bit longer. However, it is also true that domestic vacuum cleaners do not have the power to dislodge the dirt,dust,pollen, dust mites and other allergens that have been lodged in your upholstery. The only sure way to get rid of those pesky small visitors is by carrying out a professional steam clean.

So are you sick and tired of looking at your couches that obviously show they have had better days? The reclining chair with obvious coffee stains, wine spills, shoe marks and blobs of dirt? Particularly during this economy not everyone is able to just throw out their old sofa or chair and then purchase a new one on a whim.

So if you are looking for sofa upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning or a reclining chair cleaning, look no further we can provide you with the best quality steam cleaning available in Perth. Sure we could spend hours telling you how great our service is but we believe that results speak for themselves:

Upholstery Steam Cleaning BeforeUpholstery Steam Cleaning After

As you can see when it comes to steam upholstery cleaning stains can be removed, material can be cleaned and that new fresh look can be restored. Thanks to our steam upholstery truck mounted cleaning machine, we are able to kill all the bacteria,allergens, dust mites within your upholstery.

Steam Upholstery Cleaning Machine

The powerful suction enables us to extract all the dirt, residue and moisture which allows your furniture to dry faster, in the end providing you quick and the best upholstery cleaning service you deserve.

Just give us a call 0487010880 and let us take care of all your upholstery cleaning needs, while you spend the much needed time with your family and kids.

We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction and live by this policy, so if you are not happy with the end result do not hesitate to inform us straight away. We’ll return and redo the job free of charge!

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