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Quick Professional Rug Cleaning Service

Rugs have been a decorative member of the home for 100s of years, they not only bring brightness and set the mood. They can only produce health issues such as allergies, which can be harmful not just to you but also your family. This is why it is recommended by the manufacturers to have your rug cleaned professionally using the steam method. If you are in search for a rug cleaning Perth service, than give us a call. We provide a same day quote, on time service and professional cleaning results like no other!

With our powerful truck mounted rug cleaning machine we are able to direct hot water steam into the fibers of your rug, by doing so it helps agitate the dirt, kill off dust mites, break up any allergens and remove stains. Everything is then sucked up with a powerful inbuilt vacuum, which results in an absolutely clean rug and the quickest drying time.

When it comes to stain removal it is nothing more than a specific process as simple as general cleaning of the rug, our arsenal contains many different rug cleaning solutions which are specific for each different type of stains. In most cases the clients spill coffee, wine or tracked dirty over their rug which usually results in them rolling it up and throwing it in the trash. However, that is the biggest mistake any home owner can make!

Thanks to years of experience we can apply our knowledge and variety of rug cleaning detergents to remove the stains completely or as much as possible (You should know that it is out most best to treat any spills or stains as quickly as you can, and making a call to a professional before the stain sets into the fibers.

As a professional cleaner I have tried many different methods not to mention wet and dry, for removing stains from many different types of rugs. Steam has always and will be the best leading method for achieving the best professional results for rug cleaning. But don’t let my words fool you see the results for yourself.

Unfortunately with all those flyers and coupons that you receive in the mail for cheap professional rug cleaning service in Perth, you would think that anyone can become a professional. However, you’ll realize that the method they use such as Dry or Wet, will leave your rug soaking wet and horribly looking as if no cleaning was done at all.

Do you want a premium cleaning service? Than stop wasting your time with all the cheap nonprofessionals. Give us a call 0487010880 and we’ll leave your rug stain free, looking freshly new and not to mention a service you will want to use again and again.

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